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"Anti-Japanism" implies an ideology or prejudice, apparently incorrectly, since these are not matters of ideology but of disputed territory or nomenclature. These matters would be better called "Korean-Japanese rivalry" or, in the case of the disputed islands, "Korean-Japanese border disputes".

The article title is unWikipedian as it implies that the subject matter is a set of bigoted opinions held by Koreans, whereas it is in fact a set of differences of opinion between (some) Koreans and (some) Japanese. I recommend dispersal of this article's content into relevant articles without unWikipedian titles, such as foreign relations of Japan, foreign relations of South Korea, and territorial dispute. --FOo 19:11 27 Jul 2003 (UTC)

I'm not among the ones who edited this article, but I mostly agree to your points. The current contents can be included elsewhere. The contents do not match the article title. Reasonable, unreasonable, & other kinds of hostilities exist between peoples of the two countries. If someone can write about those things, the appropriate titles could be Korean anti-Japanism and Japanese anti-Koreanism. Tomos 09:19, 2 Aug 2003 (UTC)