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  • Even before he became General Secretary of the Yugoslav Communist Party, Markovich had some close calls with the Comintern, the Soviet arm for world revolution. He could not easily accept the Comintern's support for the Revolutionary Macedonian Organization (IMRO), nor its objective of detaching Vardar Macedonia from Yugo slavia (in fact Serbia). Moreover, he argued that Macedonian, Bulgarian, or any other Balkan nationalism was just as "bourgeois" as Serbian nationalism. He could not see the Comintern's fine distinction between the nationalism of oppressed and oppressor nations. And he resented the thundering utterance of Comrade Zinoveiv (head of the Comintern's Executive Committee): "Macedonian Bulgarians, [Macedonian Bulgarians!], Albanians, Montenegrins, Croats, and Bosnians are rising up against the rule of the Serbian bureaucratic landowning oligarchy... " Zinoveiv obviously knew little about Serbia, the society of free small landholding peasants. In general, it could be said that no Balkan state had yet reached Marx's two requirements for revolution: a mature capitalism in decline, and an urban proletariat.


Hesiod, Catalogues of Women and Eoiae 3 [Loeb, H.G. Evelyn-White]) "And she conceived and bore to Zeus, who delights in the thunderbolt, two sons, Magnes and Macedon, rejoicing in horses, who dwell round about Pieria and Olympus."

Herodotus: "For in the days of king Deucalion it (i.e. a Makednian tribe) inhabited the land of Phthiotis, then in the time of Dorus, son of Hellen, the country called Histiaean, under Ossa and Olympus; driven by the Cadmeians from this Histiaean country it settled about Pindus in the parts called Macedonian; thence again it migrated to Dryopia, and at last came from Dryopia into Peloponnesus, where it took the name of Dorian." (Herod. I, 56, 3 [Loeb, A.D. Godley])

"Tell your king (Xerxes), who sent you, how his Greek viceroy (Alexander I) of Macedonia has received you hospitably." (Herod. V, 20, 4 [Loeb])

"Now, that these descendants of Perdiccas are Greeks, as they themselves say, I myself chance to know." (Herod. V, 22, 1 [Loeb])

"But Alexander (I), proving himself to be an Argive, was judged to be a Greek; so he contended in the furlong race and ran a dead heat for first place." (Herod. V, 22, 2)

"The Peloponnesians that were with the fleet were ... the Lacedaimonians, ... the Corinthians, ... the Sicyonians, ... the Epidaurians, ... the Troezenians, ... the people of Hermione there; all these, except the people of Hermione, were of Dorian and Macedonian stock and had last come from Erineus and Pindus and the Dryopian region." (Herod. VIII, 43 {Loeb])

"Three brothers of the lineage of Temenos came as banished men from Argos to Illyria, Gauanes and Aeropos and Perdiccas." (Herod. VIII, 137, 1 [Loeb])

Thucydides: "The country by the sea which is now called Macedonia ... Alexander I, the father of Perdiccas (II), and his forefathers, who were originally Temenidae from Argos." "das Land durch das Meer, das jetzt Mazedonien... genannt wird Alexander I, der Vater von Perdiccas (ii), und seine Ahnen, wer ursprünglich Temenidae von Argos waren." (Thuc. II, 99, 3 [Loeb, C. F. Smith])

Isocrates: "Argos is the land of your fathers." (Isoc., To Philip, 32 (Loeb, G. Norlin]) "It is your privilege, as one who has been blessed with untrammeled freedom, to consider all Hellas your fatherland, as did the founder of your race." (Isoc., To Philip, 127 [Loeb]) " ... all men will be grateful to you: the Hellenes for your kindness to them and the rest of the nations, if by your hands they are delivered from barbaric despotism and are brought under the protection of Hellas." (Isoc., To Philip, 154 [Loeb])

Polybius: "This is a sworn treaty made between us, Hannibal ... and Xenophanes the Athenian ... in the presence of all the gods who possess Macedonia and the rest of Greece." (Pol. Histories, VII, 9, 4 [Loeb, W.R. Paton]) "How highly should we honor the Macedonians, who for the greater part of their lives never cease from fighting with the barbarians for the sake of the security of Greece? For who is not aware that Greece would have constantly stood in the greater danger, had we not been fenced by the Macedonians and the honorable ambition of their kings?" (Pol. Hist., IX, 35, 2 [Loeb])

Strabo: "And Macedonia, of course, is a part of Greece." (Strab. VII, Frg. 9 [Loeb, H.L. Jones])

Arrian: "He sent to Athens three hundred Persian panoplies to be set up to Athena in the acropolis; he ordered this inscription to be attached: Alexander, son of Philip, and the Greeks, save the Lacedaimonians, set up these spoils from the barbarians dwelling in Asia." (Arr. I, 16, 7 [Loeb, P. A. Brunt]) "Your ancestors invaded Macedonia and the rest of Greece and did us great harm, though we had done them no prior injury; ... (and) I have been appointed leader of the Greeks ..." (Arr., Anab. Alex. II, 14, 4)

Pausanias: "They say that these were the tribes collected by Amphiktyon himself in the Greek Assembly: ... the Macedonians joined and the entire Phocian race ... In my day there were thirty members: six each from Nikopolis, Macedonia and Thessaly..." (Paus. Phokis VIII, 2 & 4 [Loeb, W. Jones]) "Belistiche, a woman from the coast of Macedonia, won with the pair of foals ... at the hundred and twenty-ninth Olympics." (Paus. Eleia VIII, 11 [Loeb])

Plutarch: "Yet through Alexander (the Great) Bactria and the Caucasus learned to revere the gods of the Greeks ... Alexander established more than seventy cities among savage tribes, and sowed all Asia with Greek magistracies ... Egypt would not have its Alexandria, nor Mesopotamia its Seleucia, nor Sogdiana its Prophthasia, nor India its Bucephalia, nor the Caucasus a Greek city, for by the founding of cities in these places savagery was extinguished and the worse element, gaining familiarity with the better, changed under its influence." (Plut. Moralia. On the Fortune of Alexander, I, 328D, 329A [Loeb, F.C. Babbitt])


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  • This is not a notice about vandalism of a page, but rather an entire page accusing others of vandalism. Sorry, I didnt know where else to put it. Can an Administrator please look at this page: User:Vergina/FYROMian History vandalism of Macedonia. In my view, keeping a "list" like this, accusing others of vandalizing articles, some of them completely innocent articles about general topics, is inappropriate and possibly against Wikipedia policy. Thank you! -Husnock 16 Jan 2005


A loosely related issue (what are User pages for, and whose are they?), we have users like User:Vergina, who create whole subtrees to their User pages. At some point, this turns WP into personal webspace. Obviously, subpages are the right place for WP-related writeups, and drafts, but at which point does it cross the line to the blogosphere, and to what point should pov forks into User: namespace be tolerated? dab () 09:05, 18 Jan 2005 (UTC)

For those unaware, petty harrassment is Ollieplatt's method of "getting back" at those who have blocked him (even justifiably). He did the same to me several days ago. Rdsmith4Dan | Talk 12:48, 18 Jan 2005 (UTC)
Right. He's been harrassing Rhobite for Rhobite's activities to protect Wikipedia from him. He votes Keep on obvious VfD candidates solely because Rhobite proposes them. He votes oppose for admin candidates solely because Rhobite votes support. And now, since I blocked him the other day, he's on a harrassment campaign against me. RickK 20:34, Jan 18, 2005 (UTC)

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