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These days, I'm a software engineer for a flourishing company and have a lot less time for editing Wikipedia.

I was a physics postdoc at Boston University and University of Washington studying lattice gauge theory. I worked to develop multigrid algorithms for solving the Dirac equation of chiral fermion actions. I also worked to adapt algorithms for GPUs, study technicolor and compute decay of the neutral pion into two photons.

I worked at Jefferson Lab on excited states of hadrons, their spectrum and form factors.

I have a Ph.D. from Columbia University on matrix elements of the weak interaction, particularly, the kaon bag parameter. BK is proportional to the amount of indirect CP violation in the Standard Model. Knowing this quantity allows us to connect experimental data to CKM matrix elements, such as in the unitarity triangle. While at Columbia, I made an extensive study of random lattice gauge theory in four dimensions, demonstrating spontaneous breaking of chiral symmetry due to the random geometry of the simplicial lattice. [1]

I was an administrator at Advanced Physics Forums, which is sadly no longer running.

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For improving the quality of a vast number of physics articles to the point of accuracy.

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