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This is an old Translink Bus. HandyDART buses are now a different style and have different colors
TransLink Ford E-Series HandyDART bus

HandyDART is an accessible transit service in British Columbia that uses vans or small buses to transport disabled or elderly passengers who cannot use the normal transit system.[1] This service provides door-to-door service and is available in all of the province's larger centres, as well as in many smaller communities.

BC Transit[edit]

BC Transit operates 16 Custom Transit (handyDART) Systems[2]

Metro Vancouver[edit]

In Metro Vancouver the current contractor for HandyDART service is Transdev,[3] having acquired the previous operator, First Transit, in 2023.[4][5]


  • Ford Cut-Away Vans - modified mini buses (Ford Transit chassis)
  • Chevrolet and GMC Cut-Away Vans - modified mini buses (Chevrolet Express/GMC Savana chassis)

Accessibility is also linked with other modes of transit on TransLink:

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